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Specialty Home Projects

As Port Macquarie’s leading experts in luxury home construction and multi dwelling development, our team of master tradespeople understand what it takes to deliver an exceptional and unique residential construction. That’s why the region’s leading architects recommend us to build their client’s premium, cutting-edge homes.

Our extensive knowledge tackling difficult access, sloping sites, complex designs and excavation make us the perfect building partner for your brand new custom dream.

Our staff are hand-picked for their advanced skillset, ready to complement the style of your project. They reflect our business’s ethos of ‘quality over quantity’, ensuring that all tasks are completed to exceptional standards.


Let’s meet for an initial consultation so we can get to know each other. A great way to establish a harmonious working relationship, we will demonstrate our design flexibility, specialist trade skillset, quality finishes and client-focussed communications. We will also listen intently, embracing your dreams and your expected outcomes of the project.


We will cover the following when we meet:

  • Your thoughts on design and fit-out.
  • Your key priorities for this project.
  • The approximate size of your budget.
  • Any initial concerns you may have regarding the land or planning restrictions.

    Bannister Building strives to deliver an exceptional quality product. We combine integrity, award winning excellence, tailored customer service and a friendly approach to achieve the very best for our select clients.


    Our longevity and our position as Port Macquarie’s premier commercial and specialty home project builder has enabled us to form a team of master tradespeople incorporating the inspiration and expertise of local architects and engineers.


    We pride ourselves on a family tradition of master-craftsmanship, outstanding reliability, timeliness and perfection. We back this up with a guarantee that your construction will reflect the highest quality without compromise.