About Bannister Building

About Us

As Port Macquarie’s premier commercial and specialty home project builder, our family-owned business has created long-lasting relationships with local trades, suppliers, leading architects, engineers and of course, many very happy clients over the last 35 years.

Our reputation for outstanding quality comes from completing many diverse projects from renovations and cutting-edge new homes to substantial commercial and public infrastructure works. By applying best building practice, utilising the latest technologies and embracing innovation, we are the region’s leading construction experts.


    Bannister Building strives to deliver an exceptional quality product. We combine integrity, award winning excellence, tailored customer service and a friendly approach to achieve the very best for our select clients.


    Our longevity and our position as Port Macquarie’s premier commercial and specialty home project builder has enabled us to form a team of master tradespeople incorporating the inspiration and expertise of local architects and engineers.


    We pride ourselves on a family tradition of master-craftsmanship, outstanding reliability, timeliness and perfection. We back this up with a guarantee that your construction will reflect the highest quality without compromise.